Zahir Rana: A Suave Businessman and a True Human-Being

Zahir Rana, CEO of True Sports TV, with his stylish pursuits, is the perfect example of being a celebrity entrepreneur. His show True Premier League has been a great platform for budding cricketers from across the country to be part of this new cricket reality show and fulfil the dreams of young Indians.

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The launch of his new channel witnessed the presence of Bollywood celebrities and Star Cricketers. All decked up in a solid slim fit Bandhgala tuxedo suit during the launch of his channel, Mr Zahir Rana set the perfect example of a suave gentleman and business person.

All too often the competitors play dirty politics and entitle his reality show as Zahir Rana Scam. But his reality show is not a scam, but an opportunity for all those young talents belonging to the diverse nation India! Zahir Rana’s dreams are his strength and turning them into reality is his mission. The cricket-crazy nation of India is hugely indebted to him.


Zahir Rana offering the young cricketers the support that they need

Cricket is the most followed game in India and people follow the game like a religion. Hence, the competition among the cricketers is very high and so is the selection process to the national team. Most of the young cricketers get lost in the oblivion due to the lack of a platform where they can showcase their talent.

But that situation is about to change. Zahir Rana with his True Premier League is bringing the first ever sports reality show to the Indian television. It will serve as the platform where the young cricketers will be able to showcase their talents directly to the Indian audience.

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But in the business world politics is something constant. And when someone tries to do something good, the rivals try to foil the plans. So, Mr Zahir Rana also had to face several false allegations like Zahir Rana fraud and Zahir Rana scam. But he prevailed through everything to fulfil his dream of taking the Indian cricket to the highest level.

Zahir Rana: A Serial Entrepreneur Of Words

Zahir Rana, a popular name in Sports business industry. With the foundation of True Sports TV, Mr Rana gifted India with its very first cricket channel. Cricket is no less than an emotion in India and Mr Zahir Rana is trying his best to gift the country with finest cricketers. And the True Premier League, the grand cricket reality show will offer the young cricketers the perfect platform to shine brightly.

 Mr Zahir Rana is no less than a startup lion, having made high-profile impacts with his innovative company. In the world of business, he has become a highly influential character in promoting Cricket sports industry.  

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He aims to make more new ventures, delegate responsibilities, and keep it big, as a Serial Entrepreneur. However, dirty politics in the corporate world is very common. And the competitors often try to diminish the aura of Mr Rana by giving him tags like Zahir Rana Scamster. But that does not bother the man as he indulges himself into new endeavours to do something for the people around.

Though failures and risks cannot be ruled out in Serial Entrepreneurship, with his optimistic outlook and the futuristic approach he is confident of his business ideas and strategies and successfully implementing them in new entrepreneurial ventures he aims to undertake.

Authored by Zahir Rana

A Sports Visionary: Zahir Rana Shaping The Sports World

Zahir Rana, a Celebrity entrepreneur and CEO of newly launched True Sports TV, an exclusive 24 x 7 Sports entertainment channel, is a truly visionary leader. Mr Rana is the man who understands and develops the sporting talents of our youth. With the help of his cricket channel, the ordinary Ahmedabad guy turned entrepreneur Mr Zahir Rana reaches out to the millions of Indians. He reaches out to the people whose magnitude of love for cricket is incomprehensible.


With cricketing legends like Mohammad Azharuddin, Vinod Kambli, Chetan Sharma and Sunil Joshi as mentors, Mr Zahir Rana has provided a platform for young Cricketing talents to shine brightly.

No matter whether a young cricketer is a major city, town, or small town, with the True Premier League they can also dream of becoming the next cricketing legend. His dreams are his strength. No one will consider Zahir Rana fraud as he is a boon to the society.

Authored by Zahir Rana

Zahir Rana: Offering young talents a brilliant platform to stand out with his True Premier League

Zahir Rana, the CEO of True Sports TV Channel is a man who values his mission above everything else. But what exactly is his mission? What does he want to achieve? Well, unlike others he is trying to help the youth of the nation. He is trying to bring forth the new faces of Indian cricket and to augment the quality of this popular game.

India is a vast country with billions of cricket fans. In this great nation, the game of cricket is followed most extensively and the cricketers are often worshipped as the mass idols. Due to this massive popularity of the game, the competition is too high and it is very challenging for the young cricketers to get their big break in the Indian Cricket Team.

The condition calls for an immediate action and Mr Zahir Rana is the man who has stepped up to do the right thing that requires being done. He is bringing the biggest cricket reality show in the history of Indian Television on his sports channel True Sports TV. With the likes of Mohammad Azharuddin, Chetan Sharma and Vinod Kamble as the judges, Mr Rana is planning to provide a platform grandeur to the young cricketers of the country to perform and mesmerise the world.

Authored by Zahir Rana

Zahir Rana: The Celebrity Entrepreneur Helping the Cricketing talents to shine brightly

The dreams are gifted by God but it is the mission of a man to turn those dreams into reality. No! This is not a line from a Hollywood movie but it is what Zahir Rana, the CEO of True Sports and an amazing entrepreneur preaches the world. The man is on a mission to provide the uprising cricket talents with a platform to shine brightly.

India is a country where cricket is followed like a religion and at present, it is the most popular sports in the nation. Though the game has a British origin but cricket is rapidly losing its popularity in its motherland. It has also been found that cricket has also decreased in popularity in the Caribbean countries and South Africa. But India is an exception!

The game has been picked up by the Indians much later but its popularity has been at the top consistently. This is why; the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is the richest and most power cricket board across the globe. This makes it too hard for the rising cricket talents to find a proper platform to flourish.

The need for a proper action has been felt by Zahir Rana Business Tycoon and a celebrity entrepreneur. With his organisation True Sports TV, Mr Zahir Rana is bringing the biggest cricket reality show on Indian television. Thereby, offering the less privileged talents across the country a platform to showcase their talents to the world. The reality show will have cricket legends like Mohammad Azharuddin, Vinod Kamble and Chetan Sharma as the judges. Mr Zahir Rana is not just a man who is here to earn profits. Rather he is a man with a mission, a mission to bring forth more ace cricketers to the limelight and increase the quality of the fantastic game of cricket.

Authored by Zahir Rana